Farm Journal

OPENING!!! Friday May 22nd after 1PM

Hi All,

Through all the variances of weather this spring, especially with our drought conditions, we are opening! Yes, although a full week earlier than last year, we find ourselves ready...or more a work in progress!

The following will be available:

  • Scallions: wintered over and now a strong spring onion.
  • Spinach: also wintered over and wonderful.
  • Radishes: juicy and flavorful.
  • Asparagus: limited amounts, but very sweet.
  • Arugula: soft and peppery.
  • Rhubarb: as expected.
  • Garlic: wintered over storage still keeping strong.
  • Mustard greens: mildly spiced.
  • Mesclun: colorful and tender.

So there you go. We will provide a ledger sheet for each of your accounts in our red notebook in the white produce hoop by the walk in. Instructions will be set for you. For the many of you new members, welcome! Please park by the hoop along the road and walk around the shop past the wood piles. It will all become clear when you round the corner. Please find us if you have questions.

Many thanks,

Brad and Mary