Farm Journal

Old Fields Farm CSA Update

Hi All,

After all the snow, cold, and high water table in the fields, we have transitioned from cool, dry, and windy to warm, dry, and windy. Red flag warnings abound across New England as we enter a drought, yes a drought, which we are emphatically incredulous about as we seed new beds and install drip tape to water. Finicky thing weather. Our rainy gale back on April 22nd and 23rd is the only rainstorm we have had since those Christmas rains guaranteed green fields. Rather amazing, and yes, as farmers, we are weather mavens; we just can't but be so in this life!

So, we are well as Spring emerges, even though a soft, wet rain would be truly welcoming! All our first plantings of greens, root crops, and peas are up. Garlic and onions are growing strong, and our second plantings of greens, root crops, and peas are now sown. Our peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, and leeks have hardened off, which means peppers will be directly transplanted into new raised beds within the hoop, leeks to their beds tomorrow, and tomatoes and eggplants transplanted over the weekend. Its really looking like a farm!

Now for your gentle reminder. The remaining balances on your investment shares were due May 1st to receive your additional 5% interest on your investment. We'll not hold you to this, presently, because we did not send out a reminder. But, please do consider this your reminder...

We'll be in touch soon about our opening date, which is soon!


Brad and Mary