Farm Journal

Foliar Spraying Sea-90 on our Peppers




Why are we doing this?

"Sea water contains more life than an equal volume of the most biologically active soil. Sea-90 (sea salt with trace minerals) contains 90 minerals and trace elements in the same ratios as blood and amniotic fluid—nature’s carefully balanced blend." (from the FEDCO OGS catalog)

Using foliar sprays on our plants is another method to increase the nutrient density of our produce.  Foliar spray fertilizer supplements the nutritional needs of plants, as plants take nutrients through the leaf much quicker than through the root and stem.

While adding our compost to the beds builds the soils throughout the season, we are able to deliver specific nutrients and minerals to our growing plants by applying foliar sprays.

So, used in combination, foliar sprays and applying compost are methods we use to continually build the health of our soils and plants.

Mary and Brad