Farm Journal

Welcome to the 2015 season!

Hi All,

Well, just in case you were wondering, we are here, busy, and moving towards providing you a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables. This winter into spring, between the cold and snow pack, may delay the bounty; yet, all considered we are positioned well. Last fall we established all our raised beds, applied mineralized compost, and our winter kill (intentional, and as you can imagine they died with the cold) oat cover crop. This means we have no need to run the tractor with the tiller sinking into the mud to prepare for planting. We are all set! Now if the temperatures could break 50 for a few days and warm the soil we'll start planting onions, shallots, radishes, and greens.

The walk-in cooler is in it’s grow room phase presently. Our seedlings of leeks, celeriac, peppers, eggplant, and parsley (tomatoes next Monday!) are under grow lights in the walk-in; it’s a steamy mid-80's with 50% humidity! You do remember such a climate, yes?! Anyhow, it’s the tightest, most insulated structure on the farm. The little electric heater is off now, and the lights keep it so warm that the AC is set at 75 to temper the heat. Yes, we know this sounds rather odd, but it works great. Also, garlic is emerging from under its thick blanket of straw, and spinach planted last fall wintered over. Yes, we nibble it now...

Exciting news! If you have driven by the farm this last week, you have seen we've been busy! Very soon, our new 17'x28' hoop house will be complete! We also want to extend many thanks to our friend and member Brad Laslett for offering his time to help make this happen. As we've been growing, both in membership, and consequently, in the number of plants we have started, we've realized the need for more space. So there you go, it all eventually makes sense! The raised beds in the photo will be covered by smaller hoops and covered with plastic to act as cold frames for our potted transplants to harden off. These will all be within the larger enclosed hoop structure, which should make them rather cozy. As the potted transplants are removed from the cold frames to continue hardening off, we will direct plant heat-loving peppers and herbs to the beds for an extended season of growth and harvest. At least this is the plan for now; it’s all an evolving process!

Also, if you use social media, you can follow us at Old Fields Farm CSA, where we are giving updates...

Be in touch, be well, and thank you!

Brad and Mary