How our C.S.A. works

community supported agriculture in South berwick, maine

How Our C.S.A. Works

When a community supports agriculture as in the CSA model, it helps us, the growers, with many of our upfront costs. In turn, the member has the opportunity to get to know their farmers, learn about how and where their food is grown, while receiving fresh, high quality, nutrient dense food. We appreciate this model, because we, you and us, are making a commitment to each other steeped in values of quality and trust.

The CSA model Old Fields Farm employs recognizes our need to work with the land, while allowing you greater options and flexibility of when and how much fresh produce you purchase at Old Fields Farm.

Old Fields Farm uses an investment credit-based model. You choose an investment share option of either $350 or $550 which affords you an additional 5% interest of $367.50 or $577.50 worth of credit at the Farm  when paid in full by May 1. During our typical 25-week season, you record your purchases into an electronic database provided by us at the Farm to track your credit. When your credit reaches your initial investment during the season, you may replenish this credit in $100 increments by check or you can pay for individual purchases by check. Your investment share must be used by the end of the 2016 season.

You will receive periodic e-mail updates informing you of vegetables and fruits currently available. You determine the selection and quantities of fresh vegetables and fruits you wish to purchase when you come to the Farm.  Produce will be available for you to purchase from late May into November.  The farm store is open Tuesday through Sunday, from dawn to dusk. 

In addition to providing you, the member, with greater flexibility in what constitutes the contents of your share, we are able to extend our CSA season longer than the traditional CSA model of twenty or so weeks.

To become a part of our CSA community, please complete the form (click download below). Mail the form along with a payment of 50% of your investment share of choice by March 1, 2016, and the remaining balance is due by May 1, 2016. Checks should be made payable to Old Fields Farm.

Because of our desire to grow as the land provides, we have a set number of membership slots each season depending on the allocation of half and full share investments. 

Brad and Mary